Client Testimonials

February 27, 2013

“Great Dental Office! Best Dental Care I have ever received…”

Ed – patient of PDA

Hi, I’m Jerry Mitchell and the following information is for the benefit of all sleep apnea patients.

I’m a long time C-PAP user. I went through my first of five sleep studies in 1988. My condition was severe enough that I have always sleepy using a CPAP since my first sleep study.

I have seen and enjoyed almost all the developments in technology that have improved the sleep experience during my 23 year experience. The major technological improvements are as follows:

-smaller and quieter machines

-variable pressure C-PAP

-Addition of moisture to C-PAP

-Variable pressure Bi-PAP

Each of these improvements resulted in improving my sleep experience.

However, I was not able to overcome the problems of mask leaking and strap marks on my face which lasted for some time after awakening. From 1988 to 2007 I experimented with many mask varieties that became available. Mask leaks result in higher pressures and loss of sleep due to awakening. None of these masks which I tried solved these problems.

During 2007 I had an extensive reconstruction of my teeth which took many visits to my dentist, Dr. Reg Whitcomb. During these visits our discussions turned to a development project he was working on. Essentially the project joined an oral appliance that attached to teeth and extended out of the mouth to join with a C-PAP. I became interested and I invested in one. Much development occurred over the next three years the resulted in a dental appliance connected to C-PAP. This resulted in breathing without leaks and elimination of facial straps connecting to the C-PAP device.

I now experience the best sleep I have EVER experienced. Sleep without leaks prevents awakening and sleeping without facial straps eliminates the semi-permanent marks which would appear on my face. I wish that I had learned these facts years before, as major aggravations have been eliminated from my life.

Jerry Mitchell

September 25, 2011


I have been a c-pap user probably for at least 5 or 6 years.  What a difference it has made in helping me get a good night’s sleep!  I have severe sleep apnea and that requires a high amount of air pressure to be effective.  Due to this, a large face mask was required.  I also have delicate skin and was getting “sore” spots on my skin from the mask.

I consulted both my dermatologist and a my pulmonary specialist here in Petoskey, Michigan.  At the Sleep Center itself was an advertisement that a different kind of appliance could be made and might prove to be effective. I made an appointment with Dr. Reginald Whitcomb to learn about it.  The appliance was expensive and I would have to make my own application to Medicate for some reimbursement. (As I understand it, someone in the office now “helps” people with that process.  Forms and correct addresses are needed, depending on where you are a resident.

That summer of 2008, I decided to “go for it” and I cannot tell you how pleased I am!  For me, here are my appliance’s assets:

1)  It is extremely comfortable since it was made to fit “my mouth and teeth.”  I quickly became used to it.

2)  I no longer have big strap impressions on my face each morning; there are no longer any sores on my face.

3)  My hair is not as “messed up.”

4)  I can sleep both on my back and each side, almost as it there is nothing in my mouth.

5)  I do take care of it, cleaning it each morning as instructed.

6)  Since I live 7 months in Florida, I have it checked each year and this summer it needed to be “smoothed out” in a few places.

With the nasal pillows being held in place by my appliance and distilled water in my machine, I am a very “happy camper!” What a great improvement this is from using a mask!

Ellis of Bonita Springs, FL