Client Testimonials

“Great Dental Office! Best Dental Care I have ever received…” Ed – patient of PDA

“Thorough and detailed discussion before treatment, followed by excellent hygienist cleaning with closeup pictures of trouble spots. Post discussion of needed repairs to be done.  No hard sale, only the facts. An excellent job well done.” Eckart-Patient of PDA

“Best place I have ever gone to for dental work! Amazing staff and wonderful environment.”- Sharin-Patient of PDA

Here is a dentist that really cares about you and your teeth. The whole staff is amazing. We are so lucky to have such a professional team up north!-“ Marlene-Patient of PDA

“The most knowledgeable, professional, technically advanced dentist I have been to.”- Jamie- Patient of PDA

“Exactly what was expected from a dentist. They make sure you are numb before performing! Definitely confident they know what they are doing. I would recommend them to anybody.”– Brandon-Patient of PDA

Hi, I’m Jerry Mitchell and the following information is for the benefit of all sleep apnea patients.

I’m a long time C-PAP user. I went through my first of five sleep studies in 1988. My condition was severe enough that I have always sleepy using a CPAP since my first sleep study.

I have seen and enjoyed almost all the developments in technology that have improved the sleep experience during my 23 year experience. The major technological improvements are as follows:

-smaller and quieter machines

-variable pressure C-PAP

-Addition of moisture to C-PAP

-Variable pressure Bi-PAP

Each of these improvements resulted in improving my sleep experience.

However, I was not able to overcome the problems of mask leaking and strap marks on my face which lasted for some time after awakening. From 1988 to 2007 I experimented with many mask varieties that became available. Mask leaks result in higher pressures and loss of sleep due to awakening. None of these masks which I tried solved these problems.

During 2007 I had an extensive reconstruction of my teeth which took many visits to my dentist, Dr. Reg Whitcomb. During these visits our discussions turned to a development project he was working on. Essentially the project joined an oral appliance that attached to teeth and extended out of the mouth to join with a C-PAP. I became interested and I invested in one. Much development occurred over the next three years the resulted in a dental appliance connected to C-PAP. This resulted in breathing without leaks and elimination of facial straps connecting to the C-PAP device.

I now experience the best sleep I have EVER experienced. Sleep without leaks prevents awakening and sleeping without facial straps eliminates the semi-permanent marks which would appear on my face. I wish that I had learned these facts years before, as major aggravations have been eliminated from my life.

Jerry Mitchell- Patient of Dental Sleep Medicine at PDA


I have been a c-pap user probably for at least 5 or 6 years.  What a difference it has made in helping me get a good night’s sleep!  I have severe sleep apnea and that requires a high amount of air pressure to be effective.  Due to this, a large face mask was required.  I also have delicate skin and was getting “sore” spots on my skin from the mask.

I consulted both my dermatologist and a my pulmonary specialist here in Petoskey, Michigan.  At the Sleep Center itself was an advertisement that a different kind of appliance could be made and might prove to be effective. I made an appointment with Dr. Reginald Whitcomb to learn about it.  The appliance was expensive and I would have to make my own application to Medicate for some reimbursement. (As I understand it, someone in the office now “helps” people with that process.  Forms and correct addresses are needed, depending on where you are a resident.

That summer of 2008, I decided to “go for it” and I cannot tell you how pleased I am!  For me, here are my appliance’s assets:

1)  It is extremely comfortable since it was made to fit “my mouth and teeth.”  I quickly became used to it.

2)  I no longer have big strap impressions on my face each morning; there are no longer any sores on my face.

3)  My hair is not as “messed up.”

4)  I can sleep both on my back and each side, almost as it there is nothing in my mouth.

5)  I do take care of it, cleaning it each morning as instructed.

6)  Since I live 7 months in Florida, I have it checked each year and this summer it needed to be “smoothed out” in a few places.

With the nasal pillows being held in place by my appliance and distilled water in my machine, I am a very “happy camper!” What a great improvement this is from using a mask!

Ellis- Patient of Dental Sleep Medicine at PDA