Patient Education

We are committed to improving the oral healthcare knowledge of all of our patients. Below is a list of commonly asked dental questions:

What type of toothbrush and toothpaste should I use?
Buy toothbrushes with soft or extra soft bristles. Medium and firm ones can damage teeth and gums. Use soft pressure, for 2 minutes, two times a day.
Toothpastes with the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance always have fluoride, which strengthens and protects your teeth.
If cold or hot food or drinks bother your teeth, pick toothpaste with sensitivity relief and bring this to your dentist’s attention.
Do I really need to floss?
Absolutely! Flossing clears food and plaque from between teeth and under the gumline. If you don’t, plaque hardens into tartar causing bone loss and cavities in-between your teeth.
Are dental X-rays safe and needed?
Dental x-rays allow your dentist to see what is happening inside your tooth and below your gumline. This will help determine if you have an infection, tooth decay, fractured teeth, or periodontal disease.
While dental x-rays are being acquired, measures are taken to make them as safe as possible. Digital x-rays reduce radiation by as much as 80%, and a lead apron is used to protect your neck and thyroid.
What are early signs of dental trouble?
• Mouth sores
• Jaw pain
• Redness and inflammation
• Swollen face
• Bump on gum tissue
• Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
• Broken or fractured teeth
• Dry mouth
• Bleeding gums
• Bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth
See a dentist right away to prevent more serious problems and infections.
How can I fix my teeth and smile?
Tooth colored materials, implants, and crowns can be used to repair broken, decayed, or missing teeth while maintaining your natural look and smile.
If correcting rotated or crowded teeth is your concern, clear aligner therapy can use used to create a straighter smile.

At Petoskey Dental Associates we take the time to listen! We want to understand your concerns and create the best treatment options for you. Remember…we offer complimentary consultations and 2nd opinion appointments!